Surgery Recovery

3 Simple Ways To Prepare For Your Surgery Recovery


Surgery recovery looks different for everyone depending on the procedure you’ve had, whether it’s plastic surgery in Manchester or a hip replacement in London. However, there are a few general rules that you can follow to help you be in the best place possible after your surgery. So, let’s find out what they are! 

Arrange Your Transport

The first thing you should do when you get a date for your surgery is to arrange your transport for the day. You will need someone to take you to the hospital and then someone to pick you up afterwards, so make sure you plan this in advance with friends or family. The last thing you want is to be waking up from surgery and starting to recover, all whilst desperately trying to arrange transport home. So, get this all sorted in advance and it’s one less thing to worry or stress about once you are out of your surgery. 

Meal Prep

Another thing you can do to get ready for your surgery is to do some meal prep. You will still want delicious and nutritious meals after your surgery, and it is more important than ever to eat well to help your body build its strength. Again, the specifics of what you should eat should be discussed with your surgeon, as someone having a mummy makeover will need to eat very differently to someone having a stomach operation. This being said, perhaps the week or two weeks before your surgery, you could make lots of different slow cooker batch meals, so you can eat normally but then also freeze all of the extra portions. Things like stews, casseroles, soups, pasta sauces and curries work really well for this. You should then get side dishes that are really easy to make, like frozen vegetables, frozen mashed potatoes and microwave rice, and you will have so many delicious meals ready to go. This might take a bit of time, but it will be so worth it so you can enjoy delicious meals when you aren’t able to cook properly. 

Ask Your Surgeon Which Medicines You Will Need

Last but not least, you should ask your surgeons which medicines you will need. You will likely be prescribed with some medicines, but there may be other things that you could get that will make your recovery more comfortable. Be sure to ask your surgeon for advice on this, but for a nose job for example, you might be advised to get a wedge pillow to make sleeping more comfortable, or nasal sprays perhaps to help moisturise the inside of the nose. This will be highly specific to the surgery, but again, having everything ready at home will make life so much easier and it will relieve a lot of stress! Lay everything out next to your bed or recovery space and you have an extra thing ticked off your list that you don’t need to worry about.

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