case of depression

What can you do yourself in case of depression?


igures from the NIHDI show that during the first eight months of 2013, 1,352,378 people were being treated for problems related to depression in Belgium. That is 12.1 percent of the population and this figure is increasing every year. It is therefore important to take timely action when you feel that you have a possible depression. It is recommended that you first see a doctor. The following tips can help you relieve your depression yourself:

1. Talk about it

It seems like a cliché, but talking about your problems really helps. When you are alone with your thoughts you can quickly overthink and sink deeper and deeper into negative thoughts. A metaphor to keep in mind: Talking about a problem is like massaging a sore muscle. Problems that otherwise threaten to get stuck are solved. Someone else may be able to put your problems into perspective or offer a solution. A listening ear can help more than you think. Do not hesitate to contact your GP or psychologist.

2. Move enough

Choose an exercise activity that you enjoy . Go jogging, cycling, swimming, gardening, boxing, walking,… Any kind of exercise is good! Exercise improves the endorphin system. Bonus points for when you practice an activity outside, because this gives an extra boost to your brain and body. It doesn’t work for everyone, but several studies have shown that enough exercise can help with depression.

3. Try something new

New experiences provide new incentives. Try something you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Take a photography course, learn a new language, write a poem, join a sports club,… Anything that broadens your horizons is good ! When you break out of the rut, you will feel more like you are really alive.

4. Give yourself a rest

Do you have the feeling that others are always demanding your free time and you have too little time for yourself? This can lead to stress, tension and, in the long run, burnout or depression. So don’t forget to relax in time and make sure you have enough me-time . It is important to clear your head in a way that you like. Whether that is through sports, watching Netflix, knitting, meditating, sleeping in, reading a book, listening to music or taking a long bath. Do something every day that completely relaxes you.

5. Take Supportive Diet Supplements

Depression is often associated with a lack of certain vitamins and minerals.

Today there are many supplements available that support and improve a good mood . Depending on the situation, nutritional supplements can help you reduce excessive stress, calm the nerves and contribute to a pleasant mood, relaxation and tranquility. Common ingredients in these supplements include St. John’s wort, saffron, l-tyrosine, and numerous vitamins. The well-known products that you can buy at Optiphar include:

In our online webshop you will also find a category of aromatherapy, with oils that help you with stress and sleeping problems . For example, you will find here sleep sprays that promote sleep, have a calming effect and wake up at night and prevent negative thoughts.

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