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 Fitness centers are allowed to open and working out in group is allowed again!

Fanatic sports enthusiasts among us have been waiting for this good news for months. But also for people who just want to start fitness or sports, this is the time to fly in. Would you like to lose your corona kilos or rebuild your muscle mass ? Everyone has their own reason for going to the gym.

That is why we give you some fitness tips and information about the different supplements for sports.

Keep a log

Everything starts with establishing a goal . Would you like to lose weight, build muscle mass, improve your endurance, or something else? Write it down in a log. In this log you can also keep track of the statistics of your training sessions. You can make it as detailed as you wish. Write down your starting weight, how many days a day you exercise, how much weight you lose each week, etc. This is not only useful to keep track of your progress, it also has a motivating effect. Just be careful not to use your weight as the sole measure of progress.

If you often exercise, your muscles grow, and muscles make you heavier.

1. Don’t forget your proteins

After a workout, it is very important to further strengthen your muscles with the right nutrients. So take a snack rich in protein, or eat a meal with enough protein.

In certain circumstances, such as during intensive sports and training, an extra source of protein may be indicated. Whey protein is ideal for this: not only does this protein have an excellent composition with all essential amino acids in a good ratio, it is also well digested and absorbed. Choose a high-quality whey protein preparation in the form of an isolate, such as  Mannavital Whey Protein 94 Platinum , which is also free of sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavors. Etixx High Protein Shake Vanilla contains 95% pure whey protein isolate that supports optimal growth and rapid recovery of muscle mass.

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Take energy bars during endurance sports

Cycling, running, skipping ropes, spinning and swimming are examples of endurance sports. Endurance sports (cardio training) provides more endurance and fat loss in the short term. To get some extra energy during exercise, you can take an energy bar during endurance exercise.

An energy bar does not have to be tasteless or chewy. At Optiphar you will find an extensive range of energy bars with different flavors  such as Salty Caramel, White Chocolate, Banana, Latte Macchiato and much more! One of our bestsellers , Etixx Energy Sport Bar Red Fruit contains a good ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, fat and fiber. Thanks to the excellent composition of the Etixx Energy Sport Bar, the necessary energy is supplied to perform optimally. The low dose of fiber and fat makes these bars very easy to digest. The unique sugar composition ensures a long-lasting energy supply.

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The Best Supplements to Recover After Exercise Give your body a helping hand by taking supplements after exercise for a faster recovery!

Etixx Recovery Shake Raspberry/Kiwi contains proteins that contribute to muscle recovery after physical exertion.

6d Sports Nutrition Recovery Shake is a shake that is ideal for all athletes who, in addition to optimal muscle recovery, also need to replenish the loss of fluids, electrolytes and sugars in the short term.

▶  At Optiphar you will find an extensive range of recovery products that contribute to muscle recovery after physical exertion.

Supplements for a quick recovery after exercise:

Drink plenty of water

Drinking a lot of water is a must for everyone , at least about 2 liters per day. But this is even more important when you exercise. Drinking plenty of water helps your body recover faster and improves your strength and endurance.  In addition, it stimulates the metabolism in your body, so that you will lose weight faster. This tip is important for both beginners and more experienced athletes. In addition to sufficient water, you can also drink sports drinks with different flavors for optimal moisture and energy absorption.

In Optiphar you can find a wide range of sports nutrition and sports performance-enhancing products such as  energy bars ,  sports drinks ,  sports gels ,  shakes , vitamins and supplements known sports brands, including  Etixx ,  6d Sports Nutrition  and  Performance . These products will support you before, during and after exercise.

Also in case of injuries or stiff muscles, Optiphar offers a solution:  sports plasters or tape ,  support  bandages and  massage gels  help to relieve the pain.

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