How ROM Technologies Assists Clinicians In Surgery Recovery


The Portable Connect ® is a modern rehabilitation technology by ROM Technologies ™ that is helping patients recover faster after an orthopedic injury. The ground-breaking rehabilitation technology is designed to help in the recovery of a variety of orthopedic conditions. 

Cutting-edge rehabilitation technology is changing the way postoperative care is delivered. The technology is helping thousands of patients recover from orthopedic surgeries and such related conditions. It combines orthopedic innovation with modern telemedicine technology to achieve unrivaled outcomes. 

Traditional methods of orthopedic surgery recovery have not been effective. With the advent of Portable Connect ®, patients can regain their range of motion faster. On average, patients meet their pre-operative range of motion by two weeks after knee surgery. 

With the Portable Connect ®, patients take control of their recovery process right in the comfort of their homes. The technological device comprises adjustable pedal technology with an adaptive pedaling radius that suits individual patients. 

The device makes gentle and therapeutic movement within a proper range of motion that a patient is comfortable with. The ROM tech ® is administered alongside tele therapy, whereby clinicians monitor the patient’s progress and make the necessary adjustment if necessary. 

Patients can start recovering from day one after surgery. 

Patients can also report their pain levels before and after being put on ROM tech ®, thus enabling surgeons to track progress and monitor pain levels remotely. Constantly monitoring the progress helps clinicians or surgeons anticipate and prevent any complications that might befall the patient.

If any changes need to be made, it is effected through telemedicine in real time. Patients do not have to travel to medical facilities as the doctors can remotely monitor the range of motion using the Portable Connect ®.

The ROM tech ® is delivered to the patient’s home by a member of the ROM tech ® team that has required expertise in setting it up on a patient. The device is set up as prescribed, depending on the patient’s need. 

Customizable rehabilitation protocols are then put in place to assist in recovery. There are overwhelming testimonies of the patients who have used it. Many knee surgery patients who used them say that they experienced tremendous improvement in their recovery a few weeks after using them. 

Patients are also happy about the privacy the modern rehabilitation technology offers. Patients do not take for granted the ability to recover in their home’s safety, privacy, and convenience. Patients also do not have to be separated from their families as they receive treatment, as with many traditional physical therapies.

ROM Technologies ™ say that the rehabilitation technology also reduces over reliance on pain killers like opioids, which are known to be addictive. According to a survey that was done, patients said that their reliance on opioids and other forms of pain killers was greatly curtailed because Portable Connect ® speeded the recovery process. 

Some patients say that they were able to do a lot of things sooner than they had ever imagined. Pilot studies show that 50% of patients on ROM tech ® recovered their range of motion after two weeks following surgical operation, compared to 12% of patients using conventional physical therapies. 

After two weeks of using the Portable Connect ®, patients could attain a 112° range of motion compared to the 99° range of motion of those using standard rehab care. The pilot studies also showed that 80% of Portable Connect patients reported considerably less pain. The treatment is also less costly.

How Physicians Use Portable Connect to Make Patients Recover More Quickly: Physicians first assess whether patients are the right candidate for ROM tech Portable Connect technology. If they so determine, a ROM tech field clinician arranges for delivery of the device to the patient’s home. 

Upon arrival, it is set up and customized to the patient’s needs. The patient is trained to use the device on their own. The patient is expected to do 3-5 therapy sessions a day. The treatment plan can last for 3-6 weeks, depending on the severity of the condition. 

The Portable Connect is designed to monitor all aspects of a patient’s recovery (the range of motion and critical health metrics). This enables a doctor to monitor a patient’s progress and communicate real-time adjustments. The device’s telemedicine capabilities keep the patient and doctor connected throughout recovery.  

ROM tech ® makes gentle and therapeutic movement on the patient’s knee or affected area within a comfortable range of motion. These easy, light, frequent sessions enable the patient’s body to recover. 

It’s worth noting that the device is covered by most insurance. The technology has worked for physicians and clinicians alike. Physicians do not have to go to patients’ premises or need to have the patient in the hospital physically. 

According to ROM Technologies ™, telemedicine technology enables clinicians to save time and thus attend to lots of patients at a go. They have every patient’s record and hence can also offer personalized care. 

Clinicians use telemedicine and video conferencing technology to issue instructions or monitor a patient’s progress.

What Surgeons Think about Rehabilitation Technology 

Surgeons think that medical technology is a significant breakthrough in the medical world. They say there is accelerated recovery at home because the therapeutic motion of the knee or hips starts on the day of surgery. 

According to doctors, this enables patients to regain their range of motion faster than traditional physical therapies. Surgeons also report superior clinical outcomes compared to traditional therapies. 

Patients experience less pain, and there is a significant decline in narcotic usage. The treatment is also less costly thanks to insurance coverage, fewer admissions, and fewer physical therapy visits.

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