Tips on How to Get Started

Vacuum Therapy in San Antonio: Tips on How to Get Started


You would often notice that there are a few fat pockets that never seem to go away, specifically at your thigh, buttocks, stomach, knees, and at the top of your arms. This could be frustrating because no matter how much exercise or dieting you try, they are still there. With vacuum therapy in San Antonio, you would be able to help with this problem as it helps with your blood flow, and stimulate your lymphatic drainage.

1. What is vacuum therapy?

When you are getting vacuum therapy, it would be able to help lift and sculpt your buttocks. It would also be able to decrease muscle tension, decrease cellulite, increase lymphatic flow, remove toxins and water retention, exfoliate your skin, and increase the toning effects.

If you are looking for a non-invasive body contouring procedure, then vacuum therapy is a great option for you because there would be no surgeries and downtime involved.

2. How does vacuum therapy work?

Vacuum therapy is a kind of noninvasive massaging technique. During this therapy session, they are going to be using a mechanical device that has suction cups, these cushion cups would then lift and massage your skin. This whole procedure is also known as depressomassage or vacuum therapy, it would also be able to give almost the same effect as a surgical butt lift.

3. What are the benefits of vacuum therapy?

●  Increase circulation

When you get vacuum therapy, it could actually encourage the increase of your blood circulation because of the sections that come with the mechanical device. They would place the suction on the target area and increase the blood flow, which would help relieve some of the tension in your muscles and repair some of your cells.

●  Helps tissues release toxins

With the lifestyle that you may be living now, the organs that are assigned to help you remove some of the toxins found in your blood could overload, With vacuum therapy, it would be able to help focus the blood flow and help flush all of the built-in toxins in your blood through your lymphatic system, which is the system in your body who in charge of removing the toxins and the waste from your body.

●  Lessens anxiety

Your parasympathetic nervous system would be engaged when your provider cups your skin, which would in turn help relax your body as they move the device around. Your heart rate would be slowed down, your digestion would have additional assistance, and the intestinal and gland activity would increase during your session.

● Improved varicose and spider veins

If you notice that there are some beings under your skin that are all of a sudden bluish and bulging. This usually is a sign that there is something wrong with your veins and the valves are not working properly. When you do vacuum therapy, it would help bring in fresh blood flow and more oxygen into your circulation and into the areas in your body that have this problem.

●  Reduce stretch marks and scars

There would be a reduction in the appearance of scarring and stretch marks on your skin when you get vacuum therapy because your body would be relaxed, the toxins in your body would be disposed of, and the circulation of your lymphatic system would be restored, and excess fluid in your body would be removed.

4. What are the risks of vacuum therapy?

There are not a lot of risks that come with vacuum therapy. It is an overall safe procedure that has little to no side effects. The only things that you may expect to feel when you are getting vacuum therapy are a bit of pain and tightness after you get your procedure. There could also be a bit of swelling, but that is about it.

5. Is vacuum therapy right for me?

Vacuum therapy is great for almost everyone, both men and women, but there are some people who can’t get the therapy procedure. People who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have HIV/AIDS, cancer, going through chemotherapy, Lupus, Keloid Scarring, have immunodeficiency, and have uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure. If you have a sunburn and vein inflammation, then you should also avoid this procedure.

Just to be safe, go to your closest provider and schedule a consultation now! They are the ones who would be able to tell whether this procedure is for you, or they could suggest another alternative therapy treatment that you could get as an alternative.

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