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Dental Coverage Plans for a Healthy Smile


Dental health is very critical and, if not well managed, possesses the potential to have an impact on the general health of an individual. Whenever one encounters dental problems, one needs to seek the services of a dental health professional to handle the problems that individuals face. Some medical processes require a reasonable amount of money to facilitate proper medical care and recovery. In this light, the rise of medical insurance companies came up to help individuals cover the expenses of their medical care without any financial strains. US Health Group offers individuals several dental care coverage plans, which helps the beneficiaries to get the proper medical attention for their various health issues. Insurance covers fill a significant financial loophole that might occur when one faces a critical dental problem requiring urgent dental care to correct the defects and make them regain the beautiful smile they had. The deductibles effectively provide the insured with a safety net whenever they face dental problem issues enabling them to get the best dental care that permanently corrects the defects they face.

The Freedom dental insurance coverage PPO plans help individuals and their families maintain a healthy smile and general health. It becomes advisable to understand the various coverage features and choose the one that works perfectly with the potential to provide maximum benefits to the individuals. Also, proper dental health hygiene, including flossing and general checkups, is a beneficial preventive dental care practice that helps one stay free from devastating dental issues. Dental problems can make individuals low self-esteem since they can’t smile comfortably in front of people without attracting unnecessary attention. In severe circumstances, a mouth order even worsens the situation hence the need for a dental insurance plan to facilitate the required medical care and provide maximum results to the insurance beneficiaries. The different insurance service providers have well-highlighted plans with varying deductibles to try and accommodate everyone within a given budget. Engaging an insurance company agent enables an individual to understand the insurance plan fully, what the insurance company expects from them, and the various ways the insurance companies come in when they have a dental health problem. Insurance coverage gives one the confidence to get the proper medical care that permanently solves their dental issues. The various insurance covers include;

Premium plan

Freedom dental insurance premium plans are readily available for individuals and families with varying deductible amounts. The deductible amount for an individual is $5o, whereas for the whole family is $150, ensuring that the whole family achieves a beautiful smile that stands out and boosts their self-esteem. The dental insurance plan covers several medical issues, which include preventive, primary, and major care, which works effectively for the beneficiary’s overall health and growth. Those requiring orthodontic services are then advised to get put in the Secure Dental Premium Plan, which requires an extra $15o as an Orthodontic deductible. Also, the Secure Dental Premium Plan warrants a yearly maximum amount of $1 500 per person that benefits from the insurance coverage and a maximum lifetime benefit of $100 per insured person.

Saver Plus plan

Freedom dental insurance provides its beneficiaries with a saver plus plan, which offers a discounted price to participating dentists. Like the premium plan, the saver plus plan covers basic, preventive, and major care issues that beneficiaries might face. The covers allow individuals to walk into a dental clinic and seek the proper medical care without financial stress or quality service worries. For an individual, the cover costs $50, and for the family, it costs $150 in the form of deductibles. Additional costs for the dental plan include a yearly maximum of $1 000 per person that benefits from the insurance plan. One of the factors that individuals get required to consider when making the dental insurance plan selection is the deductibles since failure to make payments may make them illegible to benefit from the covers, thereby causing a massive impact on their dental care whenever they encounter a problem. With proper time to understand the insurance plan and assistance from the insurance company, an individual gets to make the right decision on the plan to work with for maximum dental health benefits for themselves and their family.

Saver plan 

The third option for Freedom dental insurance is the saver option, which has several benefits to the insured party. Like the other plans, the saver plan has deductibles that need to be met for one to enjoy their maximum benefits whenever they seek dental care. The saver’s plans come with an individual deductible of $50 and a $150 family deductible covering basic, preventive, and major care. The orthodontics care under this cover gets discounted by various participating dentists, and there’s a yearly $500 maximum deductible per insured person.


The other factor that an insured party needs to be aware of is that the family package only covers a maximum of three people. For the Secure Dental Premium plan, those visiting non-practicing dentists must pay an extra $50 deductible to get the maximum benefits per the chosen Freedom dental insurance plan. The preventive care doesn’t get subjected to a yearly deductible when the claim gets received from a participating dentist. As for the waiting period, basic care takes a maximum of six months, whereas major care receives a twelve-month waiting period. The participating dentists provide services that do not get covered under the dental insurance policy but rather attract a discount of up to 20%. Also, it is essential to note that the benefit amount might vary in every state, and contacting a licensed insurance agent to provide more information keeps the insured more informed with a clear understanding of the waiting periods and exclusions.

An important thing to note is that the Secure Dental Plan only covers the insured dental services and is considered the excepted benefits plan under the ACA. Individuals got required to get minimum essential coverage under the ACA or a yearly deductible amount which gets paid together with their taxes to the federal government.

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