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Get An Affordable Smile MakeOver With makeO toothsi Clear Aligners


Having a perfect smile is something we all dream of. A bright, well-set smile shines brighter, looks beautiful and brings in a new different kind of confidence. Do you ever shy away from the camera or feel too self-conscious when you smile because of your teeth? Why not try an orthodontic solution for it like metal braces or makeO toothsi aligners?

Most people suffer from minor to advanced dental misalignments in their teeth and their jaws. This comes in the way of having the perfect smile. Here are a few types of misalignments that you should know about.

Teeth gap

You may have commonly noticed people with a gap between their front two teeth. This tends to happen when the mouth is too big for the teeth and gaps are formed. The gaps can attract food particles, and when not taken care of, these can cause tender gums and cavities too.

Crowded teeth

This case is the opposite of the tooth gap. In such cases, the mouth is too small to fit all the teeth which result in overcrowding. When teeth overlap in such a fashion, cleaning, flossing and even eating can become tricky, giving rise to plaque, gum disease and tooth decay.

Open bite

When teeth do not meet while doing a biting action, it is known as an open bite. It is known to happen due to bad childhood habits and is possible in the front and the back of your mouth. Generally, an open bite can make eating certain foods uncomfortable, and give you speech issues too.

Under bite

When your lower jaw is way more extended than your upper jaw, it is an underbite. This can happen due to genetics or due to poor childhood habits like thumb-sucking and more. An underbite is very noticeable and can affect the way you chew your food.


Cross bite

A rarer condition than underbites and overbites, crossbites occur where your teeth are wholly misaligned and meet in a criss-cross fashion when you bite. Crossbites occur when the mouth is too small to contain the adult teeth after the baby teeth have fallen off. This type of misalignment leads to chipping of teeth, and bleeding gums among others.

Now traditional braces or metal braces that have been around for decades can effectively fix all of these misalignments. However, metal braces contain too many parts like wires, bands, brackets and more and require constant attention and tightening every few weeks. This means endless dentist appointments for more than a year! And let’s not forget the unbearable pain, the risk of a wire breaking, sore tongue and endless food restrictions!

Luckily there’s a modern solution to these misalignments: makeO toothsi aligners. These are clear plastic trays that are custom-fit to effectively work on your smile and bring it to perfection.  What’s more, is that you don’t have to worry about exorbitant rates for your smile makeOver as toothsi offers affordable EMI plans for aligners cost starting from Rs. Rs.3019 only! Here are 7 reasons why makeO toothsi’s invisible braces are a great alternative to traditional braces

  1. Virtually invisible -You’ll never have to worry about looking odd while trying to correct your teeth with these invisible braces.
  2. Easily removable – Eating or drinking? Remove these aligners with ease and have a good time!
  3. Comfortable to wear – Made with FDA-approved high-quality plastic that is comfortable to wear and makes it feel like you’re almost not wearing anything on your teeth!
  4. No food restrictions -Unlike metal braces, you can eat or drink whatever you wish with these clear aligners by taking them off.
  5. Low maintenance – You can clean your teeth by brushing and flossing easily by removing your aligners.
  6. No need to visit the dentist – With makeO’s at-home services, the entire smile makeOver can be done from the comfort of your home so you never have to visit the dentist in person!
  7. Faster results- You can see significant results within 6-8 months.

Affordability: The aligners cost start from Rs.3019 only and are much more affordable than other aligners pricing in the market. You can also avail EMI options for easy payments

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