Your Pain to Your Doctor

How to Describe Your Pain to Your Doctor


Patients who have been in an auto accident need to accurately describe their pain to enable the doctor to diagnose the problem and provide treatment. Sometimes, it can be difficult to describe pain, especially when the patient is suffering from symptoms. It is important to accurately describe the nature and type of pain (e.g., throbbing or stabbing). Talking to your doctor is the best way for you to communicate with him so you can devise the best plan of action to heal the injuries.

What Causes the Pain?

Communication with your doctor is crucial in diagnosing and treating pain and other symptoms following a car accident. You should also tell your doctor what makes you feel better. What is causing the pain? Do you feel able to continue with daily activities like cleaning or laundry? Is the pain constant or intermittent? You may notice a shift in your symptoms and pain frequency within the first few weeks after an injury. Keep a log of your feelings and the location of your pain so you can refer to it.

Describe your Pain

Although pain is always the same, there are many types of pain that can be used to mean different things. Are you feeling dull, sharp or burning? Are you experiencing more than one type of pain? Or are there different types in your body? Tell your doctor. Tell your doctor about all your symptoms and their location so that he can create a treatment plan.

It is located where?

You must tell your doctor the location of your pain. However, you must also describe if your pain radiates or appears to move around. This information can be very helpful in diagnosing your condition and determining treatment options. Let your doctor know if the pain originated from a specific place but has moved to another location.

How severe is it?

Your doctor will ask you to rate the pain on a scale from 0-10. You should also mention whether your pain interferes or if it changes depending on what you do. Also, you should give your doctor a rough estimate of the pain that is most severe.


Is your pain intermittent? Is it a problem that interrupts your sleep? Are you fine when you wake up in the morning but feel worse as the days go by? Do you feel more pain when you wake up or after sitting for a prolonged time? Is it causing more symptoms?

Get to the bottom of your pain

Talk to your doctor about the pain you are feeling as a result. This will help your doctor diagnose the problem and order the appropriate tests. Because pain can be subjective and individual to each patient, and cannot always be diagnosed by tests, it is important to give your doctor a detailed picture of your pain. This will help you with your diagnosis and treatment. It will also help your healthcare team track your progress and assess your pain at future visits. You will be able to recover from your injuries if you follow your treatment plan and keep in touch with your doctor. FMPM can help you if you have pain after a car accident. Our caring doctors and physical therapy team will be there to assist you in your journey to pain-free living.

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