ROM Technologies Portable Connect

The ROM Technologies PortableConnect Helps Post-Op Patients Recover From Home


Getting through surgery these days is a relatively simple process. Most are put under, so they feel little to no pain during the procedure. However, it’s the recovery that can become a considerable challenge.

ROM Technologies continues to redefine how the recovery process works. With the Portableconnect, they’ve developed a way to make recovery devices accessible and affordable for the average person.

This allows patients to recover from home postoperative without having to slow the process down.

The Story Behind Portableconnect 

ROM Tech developed the Portableconnect to help knee, hip, and ankle surgery patients recover from home on their terms. Instead of relying on traditional rehab and recovery methods, this device is compact and filled with valuable technology.

Specifically, Portableconnect has telemedicine functionality. That means doctors can receive patients’ data and monitor their recovery process through an electronic portal instead of having them come into the office. Essentially, it’s a work-from-home program for surgery rehab.

Common Issues Surgery Patients Face 

Depending on the severity of the surgery, patients have a long recovery process ahead of them. Not only is it challenging, but it can put tremendous stress on a person’s finances.

Another issue many faces is scheduling problems throughout the week. Most rehab facilities are only open during regular business hours, which generally conflicts with working hours for patients.

Many people are diligent about going to rehab, but all these issues add up to some not dedicating time to the rehab process. That means a slow recovery process or even a need for additional surgery later on.

How Effective is Portableconnect? 

Independent studies show that ROM Technologies Portableconnect can improve the range of motion a couple of weeks before patients are not working with a device. The recovery speed also reduces pain, which means less reliance on drugs during recovery.

Limiting excuses to get proper rehabilitation also helps out with effectiveness. With a device in the home, a patient can get recovery time whenever they need it.

The Benefits of Portableconnect Over Other Solutions 

There are numerous benefits to Portableconnect compared to other rehab solutions. The more information that comes out on the product, the harder it is for patients not to consider it a viable option.


The upfront cost of Portableconnect is nothing compared to the number of appointments and doctor fees needed for traditional recovery. Even with insurance, the device reigns supreme.

Impossible to Miss Appointments 

With a rehab device inside the home, it’s impossible to miss appointments. Simply hop on the device and get the workout plan done. Eliminating excuses forces people to get their knees back into working order.

Technically, a person can decide not to make an appointment for one reason or another on a particular day. However, if someone is to blow off their rehab assignment when a device is at home, there is no way they would have done it in a traditional setting.

Healthier Solution 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been very reluctant to attend in-person health meetings. There’s no need to worry about whether a person in the waiting room is carrying the virus or not.

When working on rehab from home, it’s a healthier location. Even simple things like cleaning off shared equipment no longer have to happen with a Portableconnect at home. The device is designed for one patient only.

Fully Customizable 

Everything is fully customizable with a Portableconnect. When someone brings it home, there are easy-to-read instructions to get everything set up. Some opt for a technician to take care of the setup process instead of worrying about it.

From there, doctors will send over most of the instructions so that people can follow them closely. If any updates are necessary, they can be done during or after hours for the doctor. Most doctors have shown that they can have more flexible scheduling if patients don’t have to come into the office.

Easy-to-Read Data 

The data that Portableconnect spits out isn’t just for doctors. Patients can look at their progress and use it to motivate them to a certain level.

During traditional rehab, it can sometimes seem like there’s no end in sight. Doctors don’t always share information and let patients know where they stand. When looking at data, it’s easy to see how things are going and what will happen with the current trajectory.

Anyone motivated by numbers will love the data provided with Portableconnect.


The Portableconnect device isn’t going to take up a lot of room at home. Plenty of people have a Portableconnect in a small apartment without any issues.

On top of being small, it’s also very lightweight and portable. That means it could be moved around

in a room when in use if a person wishes. Many rehab devices tend to be pretty cumbersome, so seeing something different is nice.

How To Start With Portableconnect 

Availability for Portableconnect is still limited to a degree. The new technology is easiest to find through the website to see available locations. Doctors continue to inquire about ROM Technologies, obtaining demos and having them available in the office for patients to try out.

The setup process is straightforward when purchasing a Portableconnect for home use. A person can get ready to go in a matter of minutes. Once it’s customized and fitted correctly, it’s just hopping on and off every session.

No rehab is easy to complete, but this makes it much more attainable for the average person. It’s sometimes challenging to find the motivation to get to rehab, but there are no excuses when a Portableconnect comes home. Quick recovery has people in the right mindset to bounce back from significant surgery quickly.

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