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THC capsules shopping spree-Finding deals and discounts


THC capsules provide a convenient, discreet, and smoke-free way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. But quality THC capsules can get pricey, especially when used regularly. So being a savvy shopper is key to making THC capsules more affordable. Whether you use cannabis medically or recreationally, you don’t have to pay full price.

Shop sales and specials

Following cannabis dispensaries on social media or signing up for their email newsletters is a great way to learn about upcoming sales and special offers. Most run weekly deals and discounts on certain products. For example, they may offer 15% off THC capsules every Tuesday or $15 off your purchase over $100 on Fridays. Sale events for holidays like 420 and 710 typically feature storewide discounts. Many dispensaries also offer first-time patient or first-time customer discounts. These range from 10-25% off your first purchase. Sign up to be a loyalty member – some dispensaries provide members with exclusive discounts. And don’t forget to check coupon sites and apps, where you often find deals for cannabis retailers.

Buy in bulk

Purchasing thc capsules in larger quantities drives down the per-unit price significantly. Multi-packs with 30, 60, or 100 capsules tend to offer the biggest bulk savings. Just make sure to check the expiration date if stocking up – THC products have a shorter shelf life than other supplements. Pricing also depends on strain and THC/CBD ratios, so compare options to find your best bulk deal.

Explore New Dispensaries

New recreational and medical dispensaries opening up in your area are a great opportunity to score discounts. New businesses offer introductory promotions and loyalty programs to build their customer base. This gives you leverage to negotiate deals – don’t be shy about asking the staff what discounts they offer. Many will be happy to provide specials to earn your repeat business.

Join a cannabis club

Cannabis clubs and subscriptions are a growing trend in legal states. For a monthly fee, these clubs provide access to wholesale pricing through partnerships with growers. Some also offer deeply discounted introductory packages. Do your research to find a reputable service offering significant savings compared to dispensary prices in your area.

Grow your own

In legal home cultivation states, those with the time, skills, and space to grow their cannabis vastly reduce costs. You tailor your growth to produce optimal strains and potencies for making your own DIY THC oil. But be sure to follow all state laws, get proper licensing, and adhere to plant number limits.

Barter & trade

Where state laws allow, consider trading your home-grown flower or trimmed leaves with fellow growers to source material for making THC oil. Some medical cannabis patients even exchange products and services in informal collective gardens. Of course, ensure compliance with local regulations first.

Talk to your doctor

Don’t forget to discuss your medical needs with your cannabis-friendly doctor or healthcare provider. Based on your qualifying conditions, they may suggest ways to reduce costs. For instance, they could issue a prescription that increases your monthly purchasing limits. That allows buying larger volumes at lower bulk pricing.

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