Hemp Seed Oil For Dogs

Six Reasons To Use Our Hemp Seed Oil For Dogs


If you are a pet lover, you will understand the amount of joy they bring into your life whether by asking us to rub their belly or by making cute faces. If they can bring so much happiness into our lives, it makes complete sense to ensure we keep their well-being and health perfect. There are many ways to ensure they are happy and one of them we are going to discuss in this blog is using hemp seed oil for dogs.

Given how useful hemp seed oil has proven to be for humans, whether for skincare or stress relief, there is no doubt that it has attracted a lot of interest from pet lovers as well. Let’s understand the benefits here:

Multipurpose oil: Both topically and internally, it is safe to use. If you wish to treat certain skin disorders on your pet, simply massage it into their skin. You can give it to them orally by combining it with food or just by directly feeding them. You can massage this oil on your pet’s skin to make their coat healthier, and shinier or you can add the oil to their food.

Helps your dog to calm down anxiety: It’s no secret that this oil has medicinal effects; it aids in your pet’s relaxation and helps them combat anxiety even after being THC-free. Sometimes pets can have a heightened level of anxiety due to separation anxiety or stress caused by noises during festivals. Hemp seed oil in the right way can help your dog to overcome such anxious moments.

Works very well with aged dogs: Ageing and aged pets with health difficulties including joint pain, arthritis, bone disorders, etc. respond remarkably well to hemp seed oil. All of these problems can be solved with hemp seed oil. The anti-inflammatory characteristics will aid in the body’s recovery.

Helps to reduce their shedding: Most of our furry pals struggle with shedding. The shedding only becomes worse, especially if they are not groomed every day. The skin can be both soothed and healed using hemp seed oil.

How to use Hemp oil for dogs?

You can provide hemp oil to your pets in a variety of ways.

Direct Oral Application: You can also put a dropper ful of CBD oil directly into your dog’s mouth or administer it orally. Continue using this approach if your dog is tolerant of it. Just keep in mind to treat your dog gently; avoid gagging or tightening their jaws. Keep in mind that you must adhere to your dogs’ exact dose instructions. Take the oil on your dog’s tongue if it’s not feeling well. You can massage the oil in between their cheeks. This is also one of the best techniques for accurate dosage.

Mix It With Food: Some dogs have stomachs that are delicate. They cannot consume strict diets. For this, hemp seed oil for dogs offers a fantastic answer. Simply add this oil as a supplement to the pet’s meal.

Is there any difference between Hemp Seed Oil vs. Hemp Oil?

You’ll note that the labels for hemp oil and hemp seed (or hemp seed) oil are different when you start looking for hemp oil for your dog. Both oils are extracted from the hemp plant by pressing the oil out of the plant material, but they are made from distinct parts of the plant.

  • The stalks, leaves, and flowers of Cannabis sativa plants are used to make hemp oil, also referred to as CBD oil and occasionally referred to as full spectrum hemp oil or broad-spectrum hemp oil in the market. It contains cannabidiol, also known as CBD, which has been proven to have positive effects on both human and animal health.
  • The seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant are used to produce hemp seed oil. In comparison to hemp oil, hemp seed oil has lesser quantities of CBD.

Both hemp oil and hemp seed oil also include botanical substances like terpenes and phenols that have additional health advantages. So which one should you choose? If you are worried about CBD getting into your pets but want some of the benefits from the plant, hemp seed oil you should choose to have it.


We have to take care of the pet’s health as responsible owners. To strengthen their immune systems and keep them healthy, pets can benefit greatly from taking hemp seed oil as a dietary supplement. While typical dog food is packed with plenty of essential nutrients, you can always supplement their food with hemp seed oil which is rich in natural fatty acids and other nutrients that are good for the skin and fur. Hemp seed oil, which is made from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, has attracted a lot of interest from pet lovers due to its range of benefits. Therefore, whenever you are scratching them on their belly or giving them belly rubs, give them hemp seed oil either with a dropper or add them to their food.

Even if it is safe to use, the doctor suggests that you should always see your veterinarian to determine the proper dosage and time frame. Hempstrol is one such brand that gives online medical consultations to their customers regarding their pet’s dosage and also sells quality hemp seed oil in case you want to buy hemp seed oil for dogs online.

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